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Crowe Entertainment offers out of town, and in town, songwriters a service we know you will be excited about as we, in turn, are excited to serve your song writing needs.

The term “Song Plugging” in definition is: “One who is an active promoter well connected within the entertainment industry who is allowed to play works by independent songwriters to industry representatives with the exclusive goal of the song (known as works) being recorded by signed artists for sales, airplay and or movie and TV release.” With this being said, Crowe Entertainment is the Song Plugging service you want and need.

Song Plugging was incorporated into Crowe Entertainment in 1992. The company was young and already screaming to the top of the music industries ladder of success as an artist management and music publishing company. On the management roster, for example, was Sony/Epic recording artists “Darrel and Don Ellis” with their chart buster “No Sir.” On the publishing side of the company countless major and independent label cuts.

As songwriters were knocking on doors on music row and told they could not submit unsolicited material,
Crowe Entertainment opened their doors to all and took the time to listen. They were told stories of writers spending everything they had to come to Nashville to have their songs heard, however no one would listen to them leaving them with no money left and broken dreams. After returning to their home they sent letters to Crowe Entertainment stating how at home” they felt as they were welcomed in the doors and true Nashville music industry professionals listened to every word they wrote and had to say. As Crowe Entertainment began the song plugging service their catalog grew by adding songs from writers located all over the world along with the success of hundreds of those songs.

Here’s how it works;
Send up to five (5) of your songs,along with a lyric sheet, to:

Crowe Entertainment
1019 16th Ave. South
Suite 2 Lower Level
Nashville, TN 37212

Allowing the Crowe Entertainment staff to listen to your works. Your songs can be as simple as a guitar vocal *work tape or a full blown demo. After the staff determines the eligibility of the works to the industry, you will be contacted with an offer and a contract for Song Plugging. Crowe Entertainment will retain 25% of the publishing upon the works being cut by an artist or placed for a movie or TV spot allowing the songwriter to keep 75% of the publishing and you still maintain 100% of your writers rights. Great deal!!! Another great opportunity with Crowe Entertainment is you have the final word on allowing the artist, movie or TV spot to cut your song.

Contracts for Song Plugging is a minimum of twelve (12) months and the fee for the service is determined by the number of songs you have in the contract and which direction you would like your works to go. If you want to further your career as a writer, check out our other services such as demo and
critiquing services. We at Crowe Entertainment are here to get your songs heard and insure you progress to the writer you want to be.

The rewards of Crowe Entertainment as your Song Plugger are;

1) You have total control of your songs destiny.
2) You maintain the majority of the publishing for your song and all of the writer’s rights to your song upon a cut.
3) A monthly report is sent to you allowing you to see where you song has been heard.
4) When a label, movie or TV music supervisor places your song on hold with intent of recording said works, you are contacted within 48 hours, in writing or by phone, with all of the information.
5) You can deal directly with Crowe Entertainments CEO "Jo Crowe."

What separates Crowe Entertainment from other Nashville Song Plugging services is “
You are in charge and Crowe Entertainment works for you.” Crowe Entertainment is a “One stop shop” for all songwriters needs of all genres of music.

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