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Jerry Crowe founded Crowe Entertainment in 1987. Through his hard work and creativity he built an organization that is respected and a major player on Music Row.
Jerry Crowe - Founder
Jo Crowe is one of the first song pluggers on Music Row. Her success was immediate with her achieving outstanding results within a very short period of time. Her accomplishments have continued and for this reason she is one of the most respected song pluggers in the industry. Many industry professionals have commented about the "great ears" that Jo has.
Jo Crowe - CEO

Crowe Entertainment was established in 1987. From the time of our beginning to present day we have achieved over 200 Major Label and Independent cuts from our catalog. The Crowe Entertainment team is based on honesty, loyalty and devotion to our clients keeping us a leader in the Music Industry on Nashville's Music Row for more than 20 years.

Our services include Artists Packages, Publishing, Song Plugging, Demo Recording and Full Critique Service. We are always looking for that #1 hit.

Crowe Entertainment has been fortunate enough to obtain Record Deals for Five Artists while being on Music Row along with being successful in obtaining several major and independent cuts for the Songwriters we serve.

All submissions will be discarded after 5 business days upon receipt unless prior arrangements have been made by the writer/artist with a representative of Crowe Entertainment and a SASE CD envelope accompanies the submission.

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