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  Male or Female
Santa Was Here The Moment Write Your Life in Ink
  Male Vocal
I've Been There ME Homegrown Tomaters
Life Goes On Seven Days Cast a Stone
Weeki Wachee Life Goes On One Hour of Your Day
How Much Tequela Hubba Hubba Fat Cat
Long Neckin' Diamonds in My Heart I Break for Ladies
What Would You Do Who's the Lucky Guy Little Man
If I Could You Bring out the Worst in Me Granny's Song
Can't Stop Thinkin' About You Sweet Tea Devil Don't Care
Made You Cry Highway 43 DUI
I Cry Cowboy's Last Ride In My World
60 on 60 Dreams Don't Happen Overnight Believer
Don't Leave Me Just a Dream Big Bad Joe  
  Female Vocal
Nothin' Missin' Except You The Child Crazy
You Drive Me A Woman Loves That Lovin' Me Lovin' You
Another Day Hand Holds Stains of Blue
Cold One Man Guitar Spin
Paint Me If You Were Me  
Eyes Wide Open Pray for Me  
Beneath the Shadows Eden Grace  
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