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Milton Gunzburg

Milton was born in Perth, Western Australia, where he took piano lessons from ages 7 to 15. Milton learned the popular songs of the day then at age 18 took up electric and acoustic guitar. He practiced pop songs then took singing and voice production lessons, and started playing open mikes. This inspired his interest in writing songs, but he needed to further his musical education. In 1981, Milton came, as a student, to the US, where he attended and graduated from the Musicians Instsitute, in Hollywood. This really brought a whole lot of concepts together. Milton joined the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase in 1983, and began pitching songs to publishers. In 1991, a publisher, Miles Grayson, picked up a song of mine, which was on hold with Anne Murray for 8 months. In 1995, another song was on hold with a film music supervisor. In 2007, he met some old friends who encouraged him to come to the Nashville Songwriters Festival. Jo Crowe, at a listening session, liked WHAT WOULD YOU DO and helped him rewrite it with another writer, and demo it. Jo started pitching it, and he has been working with her ever since, with 5 songs being plugged that have come close.

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Shelly Lee

Shelly Lee has been writing songs since she was a young girl in her teens. She taught herself how to play the piano as well as the guitar and harmonica. Shelly became the first girl drummer in her high school band. Her songs can be serious and heartfelt, as well as some of them being quite funny. Her honesty and originality has always put an extra spark in her music. Her inspiration of songwriting comes from artists such as Sheryl Crow, Jewell, Madonna, Dolly Parton, Trisha Yearwood, Loretta Lynn and Faith Hill. She is a a little country girl with a tiny bit of city attitude, and always has a smile for everyone. Shelly has a voice pure like a child and truly unique.

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Ed Cox

Based in Southern California, Ed Cox is a Christian/ Country songwriter with generally a bluesy feel to his music. Songs like “Please Pray For Me” and “On My Knees” capture this style, while “You Bring Out The Worst In Me”, describing the gut wrenching effects of addiction add a edge that makes this song effective. Crowe Entertainment has been pitching many of Ed Cox's songs since 2006, and captured interest in both the Christian and Country markets

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Lawanda Romeo

Lawanda was born in Seminole Texas, but raised in Billings Montana. She comes from a family of singers, sibling harmony, and every instrument you could think of laying around her house. Lawanda and her two sisters started singing in church  at about 7 yrs old and she never stopped. Lawanda wrote her first song at about 12 yrs old and always dreamed one day she would sing at the Grand Ole Opery. Tammy Wynette and Lorette Lynn were her greatest influences. since her mom sang their songs all the time. Lawanda traveled all across the country touring with her band opening for great artists like John Connley, She is now signed and produced Crowe Entertainment and is planning another tour  in 2011, after completion of her New album..