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The Crowe Entertainment team is based on honesty, loyalty and devotion to our clients keeping us a leader in the Music Industry on Nashville's Music Row for over 20 years.

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Jo and Bob Stegall which their Bluegrass "Song of the Year" Award

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Jo receiving an award for helping songwriters and the Nashville Songwriters Festival

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Jo evaluating songs at the Tennessee Songwriters Association (TSAI)

Crowe Entertainment helps

Mike Miller start Lofton Creek Records
Mike Miller walked into my office on 16th ave in 2001. He said he was looking for songs for an artist he was working with. Her name was Joni Denise. He was employed by Harold Shafer in Jacksonville Fl at that time. Harold Shafer was owner of several business in Jacksonville. He ran and operated owned Shafer Beer, Shafer Pins and Paper and Pencils, and also Eagle Freight Lines. Mike mentioned he had come up with the idea of a Record Label called Lofton Creek Records. Later on Harold decided to name his label Lofton Creek.

Mike took several of my songs for Joni Denise to learn, then later called and with my assistance went in the studio here in Nashville, being produced by J. Gary Smith. Joni did 3 sides, took the project back to Jacksonville. Harold Shafer had been here for the studio time and seemed to be very interested in this Industry.

Tom Devine, one of Crowe Entertainment writers was influenced with the idea of putting on a showcase with Joni Denise performing as a major act. This showcase was held in Nashville and was filmed for the vets stationed overseas. This project was very successful and was distributed to troops all around.

This went well, Joni performed along with several other successful artist.

Later that year, Harold Shafer called, we talked, he asked questions about 1. Development of an act, 2. Distribution, 3. Record labels, 4. Promotion, and many other questions as to how to start a label, and be successful. I gave him many names and directions dealing with costs, successful people in this business , booking, development, etc.

Of course the rest is History. He opened Lofton Creek Records. Put a few really cool acts on his label and they have Rocked since. Thank you Mike Miller for this totally awesome opportunity. I love you and always will. You have integrity and honor in your soul and this one music person is grateful and honored you walked into her office and asked for songs. My late husband, Jerry Crowe said, Jo, always keep your doors open, you never know when that great hit song or great act will walk through. So truer words have never been spoken.

Mike went on to form his band and play around the world. He is well known and a great talent and my life became richer just by knowing him. Thanks, Mike…

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